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Since Animal has been bothering me for months to revive this blog, I figured that this could be her birthday present!  Nice, huh?!  However, I would be lying if I claimed that she was the sole reason for ending my blogging hiatus.  The other reason is that NaNoWriMo starts in just 2 short weeks and posting here will warm-up my writing muscles! 🙂  But I suppose I should say a little something about the Birthday Girl… I’ll try to make it something nice.

Happy Birthday!

Oh, Animal!  Thank you for providing me with 2 decades of amusement!  :::Sigh:::  I cannot even quantify the amount of laughter and joy which you have given me!  From that time when JewJew made you eat grass… to that time that you became a literal chickenbutt… to that time when you climbed up the bookshelf and then it tipped over on you, burying you in books and toys… to that time when your hotdog jumped in the air and made you break that plate… to the time when the Christmas tree fell on you… to that time when you were drinking beer with that guy in the dining room at like 2:00 in the afternoon… Goodness.  I don’t even know what I did to deserve such a bundle of amusement!  I almost feel compelled to join AF on his next church retreat so that I can thank the Lord for such a blessing.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I hope that you live to amuse me for many many many more decades! 😀


I had an awful dream last night.  About The Container.  Yes, THE container.  The one which we spent 72 hours loading 3 weekends ago.  In 95 degree weather.  With no ramp.   Only, in my nightmare, it was about twice the size of the actual one.  I know that many of you were just so sad that you were unable to help out.  And so, I thought I would share the experience with you in photo form.  If you are wondering where I am in all of these pictures, it is not that I was doing less work than the others… so much as it was that I was upholding my important responsibilities as the event’s official photographer.  Yep. Someone had to do it. 😀

The Depths of the Container

Notice how the boxes are arranged floor-to-ceiling? This is how the whole thing was packed. Boxes and boxes of books, textbooks,  encyclopedias, computers, monitors, furniture, appliances… I think that I gained about 15 lbs of arm muscle that weekend.

The Red Team

The red team swiping (Swiper! No swiping, Swiper!) ice cream from the ice cream man as he rolls by.

Last Item

The last item to be loaded…

Peace Out

Done! At least… for this year… 😐


Random Photo of Brendan and “Grandpa.” Hahahaha!! Grandpa!  Hohohoho! Gets me every time… >:]  He can talk now!  Kind of… sort of… If you know what to listen for… If you are smart.  Like me. >:]