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I experienced a string of unfortunate events last week. I fell down the stairs (several times. Maybe it was the socks?)… walked into a 15 lb. weight… was kicked to the floor while I was not looking (I won’t say by whom >:|)… had the snifflies… lost an eBay auction at the last second… got massacred in Call of Duty 4… ran out of time on my practice exam… got lost on my way to Delran… etc., etc. So, naturally, when I was telling Animal about all of these bad times, I said:

Me: I feel like Alexander!! >:|

Animal: The Great? 😮

Me: … 😐 I fell down the stairs… Why would I be comparing myself to Alexander the Great?!

Animal: I dunno! Who then?!

Me: Alexander from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NoGood, Very Bad Day! Der! >:O

Animal: How was I supposed to know that is what you meant when you just said “Alexander”?!?!?!

Me: Well, obviously, I was not referring to “The Great…”

Animal: …

Was my reference so elusive? Not to kindergartners! :p Speaking of my friends in that age group… I read this article the other day. Wanted to hit someone in the face. >:| Then I came across these Dove ads. Admittedly, the campaign has its flaws. But hey, where are all of the other people doing something positive about the body image issue? Yah, so stop talking.

The wonders of hours in the hands of a professional hair & makeup team, retouching and Photoshop. 😐