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My favorite geneticist, Dr. James Watson, is back to his shenanigans.  I think that he should try out for the next season of The Real World.  You know, Dr. Watson, at first I thought that some of your tirades were actually entertaining… like when you suggested that there was some mysterious link between sexual urges and sunlight exposure, and then proceeded to claim that this was the cause for the existence of “Latin Lovers.”  I am pretty sure that these boys would disagree with you, but your claim still made me chuckle.  Yah, I said “chuckle.”  And then there was your proclamation about thin people being more ambitious than overweight people.  And then you had the nerve to make comments about the physical appearance of Dr. Rosalind Franklin… whom a) FYI, Looked better than you any day of the week and b) you more or less stole data from and claimed the Nobel Prize for the work which she predominantly did… hmm…  classy.

And when I thought that it was not possible to get anymore distasteful, you tell the world that black people are intellectually inferior to white people.  Blown.  Away.  I wish your better half, Dr. Crick (I think Dr. Wilkins was shady too >:[), were still alive to keep you in check.  Or at least to tell you when to keep silent.  And after all of this, you come back with your attention-seeking comments again???  This time slamming high school teachers???  We all know that the educational systems has its problems, but what was the last high school science class that you ever taught??

This dude got a Nobel Prize!!  A NOBEL PRIZE!  Is George Bush going to get one next? :/  This makes me so upset that I cannot even discuss it further.  On a happier note, congratulations to the winners of this year’s Intel STS (which SciAm is referring to as “The Baby Nobels,” which I think is cute!)!  A lot of those projects were really cool and advanced.  And thank you to all of the high school teachers out there doing great things and inspiring others to be great; like Nick Ehling and Nodar Jagodnishili, who led the Fels school to win the Pennsylvania chess title!  Susan Polgar even mentions it in her blog.  I am by no means anywhere close to being a serious chess player, but I have been amazed by the Polgar sisters since I was little and I think it is awesome that one of them would recognize the accomplishments of a small inner-city school in Philadelphia.


Those of you who care (in other words: make any sort of active effort –isn’t “passive effort” an oxymoron?– to keep up with me) already know the answer to this.  To my great dismay (and that of many others >:]), I am no longer in that utopic stretch of land known as the tri-state area.  No longer a stone’s throw away from Philadelphia (what is this nonsense??) and NYC. 😦  Far away from the Schuylkill, Wawa, my idyllic running paths, some of my favorite people (you are not included in this subcategory), convenient Boltbus stops/train stations, and Bubble Tea providers.  When I put it this way, it all sounds like a pretty dire situation.

However, I have gained one of the best roomies ever, moved considerably close to a Medieval Times (not that we can afford it!) and a whole other set of family (these Africans are everywhere), and (despite now basically having a 12-hour work day) have had more fun and adventures this week than one could shake a stick at (what does this mean anyway?)!!  Anywho, I am positive that many more escapades await me here. >:] Anyone want to teach me Hindi, Marathi, and/or Mandarin Chinese?  Because everyone in my new lab speaks at least one of those, and I would like to be able to contribute to the native-tongue conversations.  Or at least know what they are saying about the Dragon…

Speaking of, anyone want to go with me to a symposium next month on the NIH campus, followed by cocktails and dinner at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, which I am being forced asked to go to?  Actually, it is for a great cause, and it is in memory of one of the most publicized female medical researchers of all-time.  There will also be plenty of overly-impressive, overly-important people from the NIH, the Ivies, and universities from Japan to Germany.  So, if you would like to be somewhat bored (yet well-fed) with me, let me know! 😀

Go see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (directed by Sanaa Hamri, who also directed Something New).  I know that this is an absurd request, since the first one sucked really bad.  But, oddly enough, the sequel was pretty decent!  Respectable, even!  And it has some great scenes of one of the hottest guys I have seen in a long time…  The one who plays Lena’s love interest from RISD.  There was an audience-wide gasp when he… well, I won’t ruin it for you.  I will just say that every girl (and their mothers) in that audience was in awe… Yeah… Good movie…  Even though it has a PG-13 rating, I really would not advise taking anyone younger than 10/11… so there is another hint for you.  That boy was sooooo fine… And if some punks try to tell you that I cried during this movie… I possibly did not.  For my girls who think that I have forgotten about my idea to get our own traveling pants…  Perhaps I did.  But now I have been pleasantly reminded… check your mailboxes, girlies… ;D

Lastly, congratulations to MRS. K.P. and MRS. N.A.!!  Although, I could only attend one ceremony, I know that both of you were gorgeous on your wedding days!  Best of luck and love!  As long as you don’t get old and boring on me! :p  Can’t wait to hear the wedding night/honeymoon details… 😉  You grossfaces!  Lobu:]!

I had my first experience with Boltbus this weekend; we went up to NYC for a birthday party.  I was pretty impressed!  The buses were new, clean, quiet, and offered free wi-fi.  That last bit was essential, since about 80% of the passengers were college students and other 20-somethings with laptops and smartphones.  It was a pleasant ride and I even made a new friend!  Although, it was not quite as amusing as our Greyhound trip, Sheelu!! Hahaha!!  You so should have asked that girl for her number!  You two had sooo much in common! >:]  AND My round-trip ride from Philly to NYC was less than $10! Holler!!  Check out Megabus for a similar service.  Anywho, NYC was nice.  Had dinner at Takahachi in Tribeca, then hung out at Emerald Pub.  Afterwards, Chenkay and I had a late-night conversation about a certain pillow and blanket…  >:]

While in NYC, I tested out HopStop.  It surprised me in the following ways: (a) It worked! (b) It was pretty clear and concise!  It reminded me that I left out something in my Don’t Text Me post.  That some texting services are actually very useful.  So that is one more point for texting.  But I still rather receive a text from a bot, than from any of you. :p  Which reminds me, thanks for the 5 billion texts you guys sent me the day I put up that post… You are all so hilarious…  Hmm… So I guess I will tell you my current favorites:

HopStop: Will send you directions via public transportation.  Currently only works for 8 major metropolitan areas, but they will be extending their network.  Philadelphia, Atlanta, and a few others coming soon!  Just text two addresses, separated by the word “to” (ie- 50 Wall St. to Penn Station) to HSTOP (47867).

Google Mobile: Text “Help” to GOOGLE (466453).  Google will then text you back, asking what you want.  To see the things which you can ask for, click here.  It is a pretty wide range.

ChaCha: Text ChaCha (242242) or call 1-800-2CHACHA and ask them pretty much anything!  Admittedly, I have not tried this one out myself yet, but I have heard good things.  You do need to sign up on the website before you can use this service though.

Jott: Jott does a lot.  Too much to paraphrase. I think that I have mentioned it before.  Go check it out. :]

Friday morning I read about the death of Randy Pausch, and I was literally in tears.  Crazy how you can feel so much for people whom you have never met.  I have mentioned him in my blog before and posted the links to his lectures.  Although, I am almost positive that hardly any of you took the time to see what this man was about, because your lives are all so very busy and eternally filled with crucial things to be done.  Well, he certainly inspired me, as well as millions of others.  My heart and prayers go out to his family and to all who knew him.  Especially to his wife and children, who had the rare gift of a truly wonderful husband and father.  May he always be with you.

Well, everyone keeps referring to him as a “stripper.”  However, I prefer the term “performer” or “entertainer.” Haters. :p  Anywho, the girls and I celebrated the first upcoming wedding of the season with THE bachelorette party of the century!  We started off with a fabulous dinner at Buddakan in Philly.  The food was incredible and the company was awesome (even with you there, CKL!  Actually, I should say ESPECIALLY with you there!)  Hahaha!  And, of course, we were dressed to kill.  We even had some cute guy drive by and honk at us as we were entering the restaurant.  Hot Girl Check-In!  What What?!  Or perhaps we just looked like hookers? Whatevs. >:]

After dinner, we headed over to The Cave…  Oh, The Cave…  It was our first time there, and I am pretty certain that it will not be our last… Hahaha!  We did take numerous overly-amusing and scandalous photos, but the Ya-Yas have pretty much made it clear to me that if I post any of them, I will be excommunicated from the Sisterhood and possibly assassinated.  So… I guess you will just have to use your imagination… or come visit me and I will show you the pictures non-virtually.  There is not too much that I can say about the experience, while maintaining the classiness of my blog… I will just say that it was SO worth the $20 cover charge, and I had way more fun than I had expected to have.  The girls may even claim that I had TOO much fun… >:]  But, honestly, it was not my fault that “Secret Agent 0069” took such a liking to me, you know?  Not that I disliked the attention… After the show, he came over, sat next to me, put his arm around me… And the following ensued:

Secret Agent 0069: You are so beautiful… And not just because of your breasts.

Me:… Thanks?

Secret Agent 0069: Do you have a boyfriend?

Me: No.

Secret Agent 0069: What??  You are lying! A girl like you?  You must!

Me: Nope, no boyfriend.  Do you have one??

Secret Agent 0069: (laughs) No!  I do have a wife though!

Me: ……………………..

Secret Agent 0069: But I still need a girlfriend.

Me: ………………………

Secret Agent 0069: (laughs, kisses my cheek, and leaves)

Me: ………………………

Hahahaha!!  I know!  But that boy was so freakin hot, I couldn’t hate on him.  Anywho, it was a good time. 😀  Of several bachelorette parties and a birthday party group, we were the youngest.  See?  Fun for all ages!  Go check it our for yourselves!  Bring your mothers! Grandmothers!  Wives!

How was everyone’s 4th of July??  Mine was nice!  We went into Philly, and saw John Legend in concert (for FREE, obviously) as part of the Welcome America Festival.  Estelle was there also and performed “American Boy,” which is one of my current hot jams. :] I also got to see SOME of my favorite cousins and non-cousins that weekend. >:]  And lastly, I was kidnapped by Brendan. :/  The end.

If you happened to see a cute black girl happily stumbling around Philly last week… falling out of trolleys, looking feverish/drugged-up, reading the paper upside-down, bursting out in sporadic laughter, napping on a bench outside of the Annenberg Center, or otherwise being shady… It was probably me. Now that I have recovered from the influenza virus (thanks, Abbie! :p), I have returned to you.

Thanks for the crazy Easter times, you crazies! Even though I was passed out by about 6:00 PM… Stewped virus. >:| I liked how all of the old people got all into playing Rock Band, and that they were equally as puzzled by the music selection. They were all like, “Wow! This game is great! … But… could you kids play a song that we actually know?” As much as I would have liked to, I had to say “No can do, Pops! The n*gro version isn’t out yet.”

Speaking of the parents, I need all of you to pray really hard for them. I mean REALLY hard. My parents have not been on Ghanaian soil together since we left it 22 years ago. They are both wonderful, hard-working people and have been back separately 3 or 4 times. But, due to the fact that they are poor and have 50 gazillion children, they have never been back together. They have been planning forever to finally go this May, but the economy sucks so bad that they have been rethinking this plan. PLEASE do not let them rethink this plan! Pray that they win the lottery! Pray that Oprah reads this and gives them an all-expense paid trip! Pray that one of them finds a golden ticket in a chocolate bar! Just pray… That somehow… They end up together… In the motherland. Next month.

Because I have got to get those two out of my house.

Dear Jesus, Please do not smite me. Again. You know that I love them and all that jazz. And doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder? And don’t they deserve a vacation? Together? Without their gaggle? I will even throw them a Going Away AND a Welcome Back Party! Please. S’il vous plaît. Por favor. Mepa wo kyɛw. See? I even spoke Twi. That is how bad they have just got to go.

For those of you thinking, “This girl is going to h*ll,” did you know that my Mommy first left me at home alone with the 2 little sibs when I was in kindergarten? :/ She told me one day, “Yah. I felt kind of bad at first. But I only left you three for about an hour! And when I came back, you were all fine. So then I started leaving you with them for longer. And when you were 10, I left you at home with all 3 of the little kids. I would come home and you would have already fed them and changed the baby’s diaper. You were really good.” … Thanks? Where were my older sibs??? Huh?? Where were you, PS and OBM???? You better have been in school… Uselesses.

Quote of the Week: “So then the bus turns into a boat?” … … … …