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And it’s Picnic Time at Eureka’s Castle! As swimsuit season approaches, I have been very busy. Stuffing my face. In short, with everything. :] While the rest of the country has been spending hours at the gym lifting weights and getting ready for Spring and whatnot, I have been spending time lifting brownies into my mouth.  And Chick-fil-A sandwiches. And meatballs (Hey, remember how they used to call Serena “Meatball Head?!”)

Anyway, so I started thinking about all of the food items which I have consumed (on my own and in their entirety) within a 12-hour period…  This includes: A box of Cheez-Its, A box of fruit snacks, A pack of Twizzlers Pull & Peel, A box of Wheat Thins, 12.4 lbs. of fufu, Various bags of assorted chips, Various boxes/packs of cookies, Half of a large pizza, Various boxes of assorted cereals, A loaf of bread, 5 packets of Burger peanuts, 1/2 lb. of bacon, A bag of Pirate’s booty, A box of Teddy Grahams, A box of Scooby Snacks, A bag of Gummy Bears, A bag of Gummy Worms, Assorted bags of Gummy Creatures… I am sure that I am missing a few hundred more… But you get the point. 🙂

One would probably assume that I weigh around 9,000 lbs.  One would then be quite astonished when one met me.  One could then attribute my svelteness to witchcraft.  I’m not really quite sure how to explain it myself.  Perhaps it is due to the copious amounts of green tea which I drink.  Or to some of my… hmm… extra-curricular activities… like… umm… karate… yah… 😉

Moving on.  Some of you may recall that I was on a quest last summer to bring back the Banana Clip.  Only, I could not find a store which carried Banana Clips, so it did not really work out.  I was still crawling around in a diaper, eating spiders in Ghana when the Banana Clip was in fashion, so I missed my chance.  You will be happy to know that I finally secured not 1, but THREE Banna Clips this weekend.  I suggests that you all go out and find some for yourselves before my quest to make them the IT item of the summer ensues.  You’re Welcome. Don’t be surprised if you see Blair Waldorf wearing one later this year.  All because of me.  🙂

Thank goodness for the WordPress IPT app.


I had an awful dream last night.  About The Container.  Yes, THE container.  The one which we spent 72 hours loading 3 weekends ago.  In 95 degree weather.  With no ramp.   Only, in my nightmare, it was about twice the size of the actual one.  I know that many of you were just so sad that you were unable to help out.  And so, I thought I would share the experience with you in photo form.  If you are wondering where I am in all of these pictures, it is not that I was doing less work than the others… so much as it was that I was upholding my important responsibilities as the event’s official photographer.  Yep. Someone had to do it. 😀

The Depths of the Container

Notice how the boxes are arranged floor-to-ceiling? This is how the whole thing was packed. Boxes and boxes of books, textbooks,  encyclopedias, computers, monitors, furniture, appliances… I think that I gained about 15 lbs of arm muscle that weekend.

The Red Team

The red team swiping (Swiper! No swiping, Swiper!) ice cream from the ice cream man as he rolls by.

Last Item

The last item to be loaded…

Peace Out

Done! At least… for this year… 😐


Random Photo of Brendan and “Grandpa.” Hahahaha!! Grandpa!  Hohohoho! Gets me every time… >:]  He can talk now!  Kind of… sort of… If you know what to listen for… If you are smart.  Like me. >:]

This weekend I discovered that I am an awful gambler. I suppose that this is for the best, seeing as how I am an impoverished African child and all. We were at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, and I was doing pretty well at first. I just wanted to cash out and go after about 20 minutes. However, I was told that this was not “the way to gamble.” One would think that the process would have been made easier due to the fact that it was not my money that I was gambling. But no. Every 5 cents that I lost made me want cry. It was so painful. Never again. On the bright side, they have an awesome lunch buffet there (for $25:p).

Also on the bright side, the parents went to Ohio for the weekend. Ohio. I know. Who goes there? On purpose? I only know 3 people who have actually LIVED in Ohio, and all of them have since left. However, apparently this was the ideal location for my dad’s high school reunion. Mind you, he went to high school in some bush in the middle of Ghana, or something like that. So how they settled on Ohio… Who knows? And they DROVE. 8 hours. I am sure they probably drove passed at least 3 klan meeting locations during this time. I almost felt bad for them. Pray that, to bless them for surviving this journey, God will allow them to go to Ghana for a month this summer. Pray hard. >:]

I attended Dr. One’s dholki this weekend. Everything was so beautiful!! And, of course, the bride-to-be was even more stunning than usual. I still gave her a run for her money though. >:] Everyone and everything was so gorgeous. The food was wonderful. The music, lovely. I am tempted to throw one myself. But I do not have a gazebo to pimp out like she did. Nor am I engaged. Nor Muslim. All small details really. 🙂 The entire backyard was manicured like some English garden… but that gazebo… Especially at night with the lights on… Amazing. As already stated, I looked good too. >:]




I should note that the photos of me were taken after the party at MY house! Which is a giant mess right now since the shipping container does not arrive until next weekend. :p Dr One’s house looked as amazing on the inside as on the outside. I think that I will move in with her. At least until her wedding. I am sure that they will kick me out for that night. >:] Eww. So jelly.

If you happened to see a cute black girl happily stumbling around Philly last week… falling out of trolleys, looking feverish/drugged-up, reading the paper upside-down, bursting out in sporadic laughter, napping on a bench outside of the Annenberg Center, or otherwise being shady… It was probably me. Now that I have recovered from the influenza virus (thanks, Abbie! :p), I have returned to you.

Thanks for the crazy Easter times, you crazies! Even though I was passed out by about 6:00 PM… Stewped virus. >:| I liked how all of the old people got all into playing Rock Band, and that they were equally as puzzled by the music selection. They were all like, “Wow! This game is great! … But… could you kids play a song that we actually know?” As much as I would have liked to, I had to say “No can do, Pops! The n*gro version isn’t out yet.”

Speaking of the parents, I need all of you to pray really hard for them. I mean REALLY hard. My parents have not been on Ghanaian soil together since we left it 22 years ago. They are both wonderful, hard-working people and have been back separately 3 or 4 times. But, due to the fact that they are poor and have 50 gazillion children, they have never been back together. They have been planning forever to finally go this May, but the economy sucks so bad that they have been rethinking this plan. PLEASE do not let them rethink this plan! Pray that they win the lottery! Pray that Oprah reads this and gives them an all-expense paid trip! Pray that one of them finds a golden ticket in a chocolate bar! Just pray… That somehow… They end up together… In the motherland. Next month.

Because I have got to get those two out of my house.

Dear Jesus, Please do not smite me. Again. You know that I love them and all that jazz. And doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder? And don’t they deserve a vacation? Together? Without their gaggle? I will even throw them a Going Away AND a Welcome Back Party! Please. S’il vous plaît. Por favor. Mepa wo kyɛw. See? I even spoke Twi. That is how bad they have just got to go.

For those of you thinking, “This girl is going to h*ll,” did you know that my Mommy first left me at home alone with the 2 little sibs when I was in kindergarten? :/ She told me one day, “Yah. I felt kind of bad at first. But I only left you three for about an hour! And when I came back, you were all fine. So then I started leaving you with them for longer. And when you were 10, I left you at home with all 3 of the little kids. I would come home and you would have already fed them and changed the baby’s diaper. You were really good.” … Thanks? Where were my older sibs??? Huh?? Where were you, PS and OBM???? You better have been in school… Uselesses.

Quote of the Week: “So then the bus turns into a boat?” … … … …

There are a few things (mostly logistical) which come to my mind when I think about “Love in the Club.” I now also associate it with waakye. Ghanaians may wonder why they get so hungry whenever this song (fast forward to 3:22 and listen) comes on. I don’t even like waakye. How am I supposed to make love in the club now?

Thanks a lot, Usher. 😐

Want Waakye?

(In case you were wondering.)
In Bed

Then again, for the passed few months, I could have sworn that my father had been calling me a turkey. I just could not figure out why. He would say things like, “You are the turkey! Every family needs a turkey!” Those of you who know my dad know that he says strange things sometimes, and that most times it is better just not to ask. Especially when you do not want to hear an hour-long lecture about how awful it is that Americans speak American, how he speaks “the Queen’s English,” how he met “The Queen,” and other tales of colonial Ghana. So, I was content to be the turkey.

A few days ago, he asked me a computer question, followed by a food-related question. And it finally dawned on me! I asked him to say “techie” and then asked him to say “turkey.” Oooohhh! Hahahaha! The words sound exactly the same with his accent. And then he’s all like, “Ah! Why would I call you a turkey?? What sense does that make?? Use your head, Bubu!” 😐

Last Saturday, however, his accent was rather beneficial. I needed to get a hold of my parents immediately, but they were not picking up their phones. Then I remembered that they were at the gym. I called the gym (via 1-800-GOOG-411!), and asked the lady at the desk if she could please page one for me.

Lady: We don’t have a PA system, but if you could just tell me what they look like, I can bring the phone over to one of them.

Me: Okay! Um… They are black.

Lady: (waits for me to lengthen my description)

Me: And my Mom has braids held up in a ponytail.

Lady: (waits for me to describe them more thoroughly)

Me: (waits for lady to realize that I am finished with my descriptions)

Lady: … Do they have accents?

Me: Yes.

Lady: One second please. I like your Dad’s accent!

Anyone else find it amusing that Mariah’s new album is titled “E=MC^2?” I do. As does Jezebel :D. And someone PLEASE! PLEASE! For the love of all things sacred! Think of a beautiful baby girl name!! Otherwise, PS is going to name the child in her womb Bianca… Please… Save this child. Bianca… Leave comments with name ideas! E-mail me! Text me! Call me! Just don’t let this happen! PS is open to suggestions, but has rejected all of ours to date. Argh… save my almost-born niece. 😐 Please.

I came across this video and wondered why the speaker, Derrick Ashong, looked so familiar. After I did a little bit of Googling, I found out that he should look familiar. Not only is he from my country, but he also went to my high school. Not only was he in the movie Amistad and not only did he graduate from Harvard, but he also used to hang out with my older sister and my parents know his! I had told my sister to keep him around… Maybe she will start listening to me now…

Anywho, the interviewer was trying to prove that all Obama supporters are emotional, irrational, idiotic, and have no idea what they are voting for. Of course, he picked a black person, hoping that he would receive no concrete answers. Derrick proved him wonderfully wrong. He does need to shave those sideburn things though…

Well played. He apologized to his mom later for chewing gum during the interview. Haha:D Here is his response to the video going viral. This kid is so gangsta’ that he remixed Sweet Mother (One of my favorite Ghanaian songs:] You know you like it too…) with his band, Soulfège. I wonder if he is single… Although, he is a decade older than me… Maybe I can get his number for my married pregnant sister.

Anywho, I have finally come to terms with the results of the 2008 African Cup of Nations. Ghana (The Black Stars) came in 3rd. Winning all of their games, except for the semi-final… And the loss was to Cameroon (“The Indomitable Lions.” Seriously…), of all people. So infuriating. >:/ Slightly buffered by the fact that Cameroon lost to Egypt (The Pharaohs) in the finals. :] My cousins told me that the event was pretty much a month-long party in Accra. Why is Benin’s team called Les Ecureuils (The Squirrels)… ? Just wait til 2010… World Cup… Ghana will show all of you Squirrels and Lions… and Bears?