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And it’s Picnic Time at Eureka’s Castle! As swimsuit season approaches, I have been very busy. Stuffing my face. In short, with everything. :] While the rest of the country has been spending hours at the gym lifting weights and getting ready for Spring and whatnot, I have been spending time lifting brownies into my mouth.  And Chick-fil-A sandwiches. And meatballs (Hey, remember how they used to call Serena “Meatball Head?!”)

Anyway, so I started thinking about all of the food items which I have consumed (on my own and in their entirety) within a 12-hour period…  This includes: A box of Cheez-Its, A box of fruit snacks, A pack of Twizzlers Pull & Peel, A box of Wheat Thins, 12.4 lbs. of fufu, Various bags of assorted chips, Various boxes/packs of cookies, Half of a large pizza, Various boxes of assorted cereals, A loaf of bread, 5 packets of Burger peanuts, 1/2 lb. of bacon, A bag of Pirate’s booty, A box of Teddy Grahams, A box of Scooby Snacks, A bag of Gummy Bears, A bag of Gummy Worms, Assorted bags of Gummy Creatures… I am sure that I am missing a few hundred more… But you get the point. 🙂

One would probably assume that I weigh around 9,000 lbs.  One would then be quite astonished when one met me.  One could then attribute my svelteness to witchcraft.  I’m not really quite sure how to explain it myself.  Perhaps it is due to the copious amounts of green tea which I drink.  Or to some of my… hmm… extra-curricular activities… like… umm… karate… yah… 😉

Moving on.  Some of you may recall that I was on a quest last summer to bring back the Banana Clip.  Only, I could not find a store which carried Banana Clips, so it did not really work out.  I was still crawling around in a diaper, eating spiders in Ghana when the Banana Clip was in fashion, so I missed my chance.  You will be happy to know that I finally secured not 1, but THREE Banna Clips this weekend.  I suggests that you all go out and find some for yourselves before my quest to make them the IT item of the summer ensues.  You’re Welcome. Don’t be surprised if you see Blair Waldorf wearing one later this year.  All because of me.  🙂

Thank goodness for the WordPress IPT app.


New Jersey decided to step up its primary game by moving the election from June to… well, today! 😀 Obviously, my choice was either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. And who cares about my Republican vote, since I am too poor to mean anything to them anyway? I had been waiting for Hillary to enter the race for years!! I was all set, until Barack came into the picture. Honestly, it was more Michelle Obama who made me reconsider my vote. I know that it may seem silly, but “behind” (I prefer next to) every great man is a great woman. For real.

This chick is so Ride or Die! “There is nothing rational about politics.” That is how she started an interview she had with Soledad O’ Brien (who has really cute kids, btw). I have heard her speak a few times and she is phenomenal. “But you can’t vote for her!” Yes, yes. But haven’t you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? “The man may be the head, but the woman is the neck.” And the neck can turn that head any way it wants… For serious. I know. I have done it. >:D Keep cracking that whip, Michelle! I know that a lot of that brilliance belongs to you! You too, Hillary! :]

Back to me. I have been surprisingly diligent of late, thanks to The Martini Method. I wonder how long it will last. Probably until I run out of money to buy luxury items, such as fruit snacks. I’ll give it another 2 weeks or so then. Maybe I can borrow some after I run out and thus fuel my productivity until the end of the month. Speaking of borrowed food, have you guys seen Episode 11 of The Boondocks? “Can a n*gga borrow a french fry? How is a n*gga gonna borrow a fry?? Is a n*gga gon give it back?!?!?” HAHAHHAHAHHA! Oh em gee! I was dying! It was too funny. Go watch it here. Immediately. I found out later that this episode was based on a true story, which was even more hilarious. I would so run away and get eloped to Aaron McGruder at this very moment. I’m sure he is already taken, but a girl can dream. 🙂 Maybe I can be his concubine/protégé… That is my kind of multi-tasking. >:D