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But not for alliteration. >:D

I watched Poseidon last weekend, because I was being lazy and could not be bothered to change the channel. You guys know that I get irritated at movies with bad science. Like when there is noise in outer space (It is a vacuum! Sound waves can’t travel through it! Argh!!!). Anywho, this movie had some pretty bad physics, but the most baffling bit had nothing to do with the ship. What really made me roll my eyes was the fact that, despite the huge powerful waves and insane water pressure, Jacinda Barret’s strapless dress was never disturbed. What??? I have problems with strapless dresses, even when I am not swimming in them or having ocean-loads of water fall upon me! Even when I am standing perfectly still! Maybe I should stop being jelly, and find out where I can buy one of these magic dresses and/or magic tape.

In other news, I think I have a pseudo-crush on Anthony Bourdain… is that gross? I feel like Chenkay (simply in reference to her love of mature men – she requested that I change “old” to “mature”…). I am also crushing on Songbird, because I am a huge iTunes-hater (Speaking of, this cracked me up. Also funny:]). I was all mad because once I had performed my iPod surgery, my USB card decided to hate on me. >:| But I persuaded it to obey my command by flashing the BIOS! I did not even think it would work, but I had tried everything else. Saved myself from buying a new card. That’s my baby! Yah! :D! If it ever comes down to saving one of you or my Thinkpad… hm… well… just hope that it never comes down to that.

Anywho, as you guys know, this is birthday season around these parts. Within the last 2 weeks, I have participated in 4 rounds of gallivanting and cake-eating. Included were numerous dance parties (one which involved my Mom and my brother in a Wu-Tang battle…yah… for real… yah… here is an example, for all of you P.I.s who have no idea what I am talking about…), too much food, lots of ?!?!?, and some blurry mornings. All worth it. :] Of course, I have mad studying and sleep to catch up on now . :/ Like now. 😐