It seems like every time Animal comes home, she busts things up. Usually by accident. Last time it was my bedroom door (plus frame… ask her about it one day). Prior to that, there were a number of glasses, drink containers, electronics, grass patches (Juju made her eat it), combs (from her nappy hair), and many other unfortunately inanimate objects. Anyhow, I thought that she was getting better.


But I was wrong. I really liked that plate too. She had just put a hot dog on it, and the next thing I knew that plate was crashing to the floor and she had ketchup on her shirt. Let’s hope that she does not become a surgeon. 😐 Animal and Juju have been home for Spring Break. We spent half of it playing Rock Band. I think this game is unique in that, despite being more racist than a 1970’s country club, it is a lot of fun! :] I knew about 1.5 of the songs on there and about 2.5 artists. Couldn’t they have thrown in some music to give black people a chance?? I mean, honestly. Perhaps one of these songs (I only know #3)? Maybe some Lenny Kravitz? They better come out with an “urban” version soon. >:| Anywho, we spent the other half playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I killed them all. With Kirby. :]

A few days ago, Animal and I were in a group of 5 on a not-so-epic quest,when Animal says, “Are you going grocery shopping soon?? I am hungry.” …So many things wrong with that. How taboo. She did not even have the decency to whisper it. So OOC. Way to kill the MMORPG experience. >:| And the last time I checked, she had appendages and a driver’s license of her own. >:/ Then again, Kwasifer came home from a soccer game with a busted, bleeding leg earlier this week, and I was fixing it. This girl was watching me intently, because she is easily fascinated. After a bit of silence, she says, “Oooh! Did you get your nails done?!” Uncouth.

Why all the Animal stories today? Probably because of some other issue pertaining to her, which I cannot even bring myself to write about. >:| Just thinking about it makes me want to change the subject. I got my hair did the other week! This was the first time that I had been in a hair salon in SIX YEARS. Yep. I have not had my hair done since my senior prom, when I was 17. No joke. PS took me as a thank you for throwing the baby shower. THIS is why I’m HOT. >:] And Happy Belated Pi Day. :]